All About Our League

About Our League


Colchester Netball League first formed in 1953 and is overseen by a small band of volunteers, who facilitate both an adult and youth league, with around 60 teams in the adult league and around 50 in the youth league.

The Colchester Senior Winter League runs from September to April and to enter the adult league you will need to send in your application by the end of June, where new teams are accepted as long as there is a space. You can either go into the bottom division or attend an assessment night if you feel you could play in a higher division.

The Colchester Youth Winter League runs from November to April and to enter the youth league you will need to send in your application form in by mid-October. Players from School Year 3 to School Year 11 are included and generally organised into Divisions by School Year groups where possible and enough teams.

The Adult and Youth summer league runs from May to July with the application deadline in April. The matches are organised by players picking their positions at random, at the start of the match and again at half time.


An annual adult pre-season rally is organised in early September and an annual youth league rally is organised in May. The league is a member of the East Essex County Netball Association, with members representing the league at County meetings and sub group meetings such as umpiring and performance.

The league organises subsidised Into Officiating and C Umpiring Award courses annual and facilitates the assessment of C candidates. They also organise Game Management workshops, First Aid and Safeguarding courses when required.

This website includes information on how to join the league, fixtures and results and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary.