Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure

This document is the full complaints and disciplinary procedure of the Colchester Netball League Constitution Point 9. Any complaints should be submitted to the CNL League Secretary letter or email form, (not via WhatsApp, Facebook or other electronic or social media portals) within one week of the “incident”; failure to comply with these criteria will result in the complaint not being considered by the Committee. If a young person (18 or under) is involved, the complaint must be made by the teams Safeguarding Officer.


  1. Complaint letter or email to be received by the League Secretary within 1 week of the incident only from a registered league member of Colchester Netball League as listed in 3.1 of constitution

  2. The League Secretary to send acknowledgement of complaint letter or email within 7 days of receipt

  3. The League Secretary will investigate the complaint which may involve contacting other teams, umpires, etc.

  4. The complaint and the investigations findings will be discussed at the next Committee meeting unless it is too serious to wait until then, if so point 6 and beyond will be put into effect

  5. If resolved through a committee meeting, the League Secretary will write to all concerned with 1 week of the Committee’s decision to advise the outcome.

  6. Any matter which relates to discipline will be dealt with under the procedures set out in England Netball Disciplinary Regulations Manual. In all other cases relating to serious breaches of the rules, the member(s) will be called before a special committee consisting of the league secretary and three members from independent netball bodies (e.g. other leagues committee members), chaired by the League Chair

  7. The special committee shall notify the persons required to be present at the hearing of the case, as soon as possible after the complaint has been received, giving time, date and place for hearing

  8. The person or club who is the subject of the complaint may be accompanied by a character witness or captain of the team

  9. If that person or club does not attend, the hearing will be heard in their absence

  10. If the special committee is of the opinion that the complaint has been proved, in whole or in part, it shall make a finding to that effect and reach a decision on whether a penalty is to be imposed and if so, what it should be. If deemed necessary it will be referred to a Disciplinary Panel.

  11. The result of the hearing shall be advised in writing to the person or club who is subject of the complaint within 7 days of the hearing.

  12. The person or club who is the subject of the complaint has the right to appeal within 7 days of the notification

  13. Any appeals committee consisting of 3 independent members who did not hear the original complaint shall be appointed

  14. The Appeals Committee will consider the record of evidence and if it thinks fit will request fresh evidence

  15. The Appeals Committee may confirm, vary or rescind the decision of the Disciplinary Panel and may substitute any other order or orders that they consider appropriate

  16. The Appeals committee will inform the Committee of their decision

  17. The League secretary will inform the person or club who is the subject of the complaint of the decision of the Appeals Committee

  18. The decision of the Appeals Committee will be final