Colchester Netball League modified rules for the Summer League 2021 season

Matches will be played in accordance with the COLCHESTER NETBALL LEAGUE RULES FOR SENIOR LEAGUE with the exception of:

  1. The summer league will be a friendly league, it will NOT be bibs in a bag due to EN bib protocol. The results will be for information only and to acknowledge placings only.

   2. Teams do not need to register their players with the league

   3. Games do not need to be confirmed, but teams are asked out of courtesy to be prompt and to ensure they turn up on the dates and times stated.

   4. If cancelling a game please ensure you inform, the opposing team, your umpire and the Summer League Secretary

   5. All games to be played on the dates stated, there will be NO re-arrangements in any circumstances including abandonment.

   6. 4 x 10-minute games with maximum 5-minute quarter breaks for sanitisation etc

   7. All teams must follow the modified rules and it their responsibility to ensure that their players are all aware of this and have familiarised themselves.

   8. Players can ONLY play one match in an evening. This is part of the EN modified rules, a maximum of 60 minutes of close contact play per day is allowed.

   a.  For example, a player cannot play for their team at 7pm and then play for another team on the 8.30pm match ON THE SAME NIGHT.

   b. Players can ‘play up or down’ for another team in the same club, or another club - just not on same night as their normal team has played.

    c. Also, a player cannot play part or half a game for two teams, on the same night either.

    d. If they are young players at school, they can take part in other sport lessons and activities AND play a club match on the same day.


   9. As per usual summer league rules there is flexibility for players to play for any team within the league but they cannot swap teams halfway through a game (but can only play one game per night).


  10. The bench can consist of any playing substitutes, (if they are not playing, they should not be there), along with a team manager and a coach, who both should also be responsible for safeguarding for under 18’s and first aid, included.


  11. There are no spectators allowed at all on site and by England Netball please support us with this as the centre will be monitoring and any breaches may result in us losing the use of the facility.


  12. Umpires can umpire two games on the same evening and/or play a match and umpire


  13. All teams will need to provide a C Award umpire for their matches and must offer their umpire a minimum of £10.00 per match

  14. Scorers are optional for all Divisions, but they must stand together (socially distanced of course) and where allocated according to court playing on.

  15. At centre pass home team provide sanitised ball in 1st and 3rd quarter and away team 2nd and 4th. Balls should be sanitised each quarter and if the ball rolls out of court and is touched by someone other the court players either another ball is used or that one sanitised.  

  16. Bibs should NOT be shared under any circumstances. We proposed that if teams have two sets of patch bibs, they one on front of dress/top each quarter to allow for 3 opportunities to sub, if you have overhead bibs as a back-up these could be used as well, but you can’t mix patch bibs and overheads together.

  17. England Netball are not recommending that players wear face masks or visors to play on court as they restrict lung capacity. Individuals have to decide to opt in to activity at this time and whilst they are putting risk mitigation measures in place wherever possible, the wearing of face masks is not one and will not be acceptable to play a match in. You can obviously wear them to and from game but not during.

  18. If a player has to wear gloves for medical reasons, they must change them at every quarter (alongside the hand hygiene protocols stipulated by the league). The change should be for a completely new and washed pair of gloves, not a set previously worn in the game. Sanitising gloves instead of replacing them is not accepted.

  19. For the start of the 7pm games we will use a warning hooter to advise that games should start by 7.05pm at the latest. With the maximum of a 5-minute break between each quarter the games should be finished by 7.55pm and courts and site should be cleared of 7pm players by 8.10pm, it also gives time if injuries. However, we will once again sound hooter at 8.10pm and if games still in place ask that umpires finish the game. 8.30pm games will not be started or end by a hooter.

  20. Captains/Team Managers please take photo of umpires score sheet and add to Divisional WhatsApp group keep scoresheet in case of discrepancy/query. We will NOT be collecting scoresheets so up to teams to keep safe. NO PAPERWORK AT ALL IT MUST BE DIGITAL

  21. If anyone wants to film for GCSE/A Levels during the season the first point of contact needs to be the committee for permission as we will need to make some checks and ensure everyone is kept safe so please give at least one-week lead in time.


  22. If allowed to play full rules during season, we will carry on league in same format and still no bibs in bag but remaining games become full rules

  23. Teams will only be charged an entry form only.


  24. There will be no trophies awarded

Colchester Netball League