HANDBOOK 2020/21

Handbook 2020

This Document outlines all the key rules and Policies for the Colchester Netball League 2020/21 season.




The purpose of the Colchester Netball League shall be to provide netball leagues at youth and senior levels as per 3.6, providing equal opportunities for all to participate in the game of netball in a competitive and friendly manner.


The clubs, players, umpires, coaches, Committee members and officials participating in Colchester Netball League must be members of England Netball and their relevant County Netball Association each year by 1st September. All participating members (players, coaches, umpires and officials) should be a full adult or junior member. All non-participating members (committee members general helpers for example) should be social and supporting members


3.1. All Clubs, players, umpires, coaches, Committee members shall be considered as “Members” or the Colchester Netball League and must be registered with the league. For voting procedures see 9.

3.2. In accepting membership, a person agrees to abide to the constitution and rules of the Colchester Netball League and to the application of these by the annually appointed Colchester Netball League Committee.

3.3. Members from school years 3-11 will be eligible for the youth league. All members from School Year 10 can be considered senior players.

3.4. All player members shall compete in their appropriate age groups except in the following circumstances:

i) A player in school years 3 to 5 are recommended to play ‘High Fives’.

3.5. A Senior and Youth League will be provided by the ‘Colchester Netball League’, both ‘High Fives’ and 7 a side competition, where appropriate.

3.6. All League and Cup matches will be played at the Central Venue of Leisure World Highwoods. In the event these become unavailable the committee may substitute other venues.

3.7. Honorary life membership to the league shall be reviewed by the committee at the end of each winter season


4.1. All members of the Committee (6.2) shall be elected annually by a vote at the AGM.

4.2. The Committee shall comprise of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and such officers and Committee members as determined by the AGM and ability to get further members as need arises.

4.3. The Committee shall act for the members. Liabilities incurred shall fall upon the membership (provided they act in accordance with the constitution, in honesty and good faith).

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