Annual General Meeting

The league have given notice for its Annual General Meeting, this is due to take place on Tuesday 5th July 2022 at 7pm via zoom.

Each club will need to have at least one representative attend the meeting. Zoom details will be sent out to clubs directly.


The last the Annual General Meeting for The Colchester Netball League was held on:

Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 7.00pm - Via Zoom

Who will be required to attend?

The rule below will still apply – but ONLY ONE representative per club will be invited to the Zoom meeting to vote on behalf of all teams in their club. This is due to the huge number of individual teams in the league.

Teams should note that rule 8.1 applies “Any senior team not represented at any meeting convened by the Executive Committee (e.g. AGM, EGM) will be fined £15.00” – this includes teams who send their apologies.

Do I need to return the form – even if I am not making proposals?

Yes - please ensure you return the nomination form even if you are not nominating or have any proposals. Just complete contact details for each team and your nominated CLUB representative for the zoom meeting.

Nomination for League Executive Committee

If you wish to nominate someone to stand for election, please return the attached form to me by Monday 14th June. We always need new members to keep the League running, if you would like to join the committee or know someone who would please complete the nomination section. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Proposals for Changes to the Constitution and Rules

If you wish to propose any changes to the constitution and rules please submit these to me on the attached form by Monday 14th June.

Any Other Business

Any Other Business must be declared before the AGM and again please send any items for discussion to me by Monday 14th June. No AOB will be taken on the night.

Happy netballing and many thanks for your continued support this year.

Nicola Rees

League Secretary


Annual General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 7th July at 7.00pm 2020 Via Zoom



  • Chair’s introduction – Donna welcomed everyone to meeting and explained protocol for meeting and gave a brief report.

  • We started off the season with a successful adult pre- season rally that included 24 teams but like everyone our adult and youth leagues have come to a premature end. We have however used the England Netball average applied to the league tables we were able to produce league tables which all teams were happy with. We are finding both leagues are growing each year, which is really encouraging and good for development of the league.

  • We hosted 3 courses this year, one C award, an Into Officiating and a Game Management workshop, all of which included lots of young umpires, which is encouraging. There have been 7 C Award passes this season with 1 awaiting final C assessment and 5 awaiting C pre assessment. There have been a number of young umpires umpiring in the youth league that will be either IO assessed or go onto C award next season. The league subsidises these courses and also the umpires as they go thru the system which has been a great success. As well as focussing on umpire development we have also hosted a first aid and a safeguarding course, all of which were well attended. We have also had 6 new Level 2 coaches, all of whom passed, well done to them. We have a number of young athletes in both the Essex and Suffolk academies, benefiting from the additional training and contact with other coaches and athletes. Congratulations to Kim Watson on gaining Honorary Life Membership of East Essex CNA, to Linda Gaine on Goalden Globe nomination and Kats Netball Club also for their Goalden Globe nomination

  • Minutes of Last Annual General Meeting – Apologies given for late arrival, and then asked if a true record. Proposed by Sam Harwood, seconded by Angie Syrett, passed unanimously

  • Matters Arising– None

  • Treasurer’s Report and Matters Arising from Treasurer’s report – In absence of Treasurer the Secretary ran through spreadsheet and asked for question, none received Proposed by Claire Howells, seconded by Amy Longhurst, passed unanimously

  • Amendments to Constitution

  • 2. Add:    All participating members (players, coaches, umpires and officials) should be a full adult or junior member. All non-participating members (committee members, general helpers for example) should be social and supporting members – A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Remove 3.4 ii) from constitution. An exceptionally skilful player for School Year 8/9 who, by Committee agreement, will be permitted to play in a higher age-group from youth to senior league

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • 9. Complaints

  •  To add after the first part of narrative of this rule ‘If a young person (18 or under) is involved, the complaint must be made by the teams Safeguarding Officer’

  • Also remove ‘In this instance, the Committee will convene an extraordinary meeting, either face-to-face or by email/telephone’ as the point below and full procedure will cover serious breaches.

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Then add before final bullet point

  • Any matter which relates to discipline will be dealt with under the procedures set out in England Netball Disciplinary Regulations Manual. (Copy available on England Netball website) If a serious breach of the rules, a Special Committee will be called as per the full Colchester Netball League procedure included on the Colchester Netball League website

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously


  • All officers, clubs, participants, officials, parents and spectators will adhere to the England Netball Social Media Policy https://d2cx26qpfwuhvu.cloudfront.net/englandnetball/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/13092234/Social-Media-Policy-March-18-v.2.1-final.pdf

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously


  • All officers, clubs, participants, officials, parents and spectators will be aware of and adhere to the Colchester Netball League Data protection policy and data protection privacy notice which will be available on the website A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Amendments to Senior League Rules

  • ADD TO 1.2 AND 1.3. All participating members (players, coaches, umpires and officials) should be a full adult or junior member. All non-participating members (committee members, general helpers for example) should be social and supporting members

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Add to 8 Umpires

  • 8.12 ‘All qualified umpires, that have held their qualification over 3 years and wish to umpire in the CNL, must attend an umpire refresher workshop organised by Colchester Netball League in partnership with East Essex County Netball Assn at least once every 3 years. The first course will take place in the 20/21 season and be applied from the 2021/22 season.’

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Add to 10. Miscellaneous

  • 10.20 Weather policy

  • In case of ice, snow, extreme wind and rain and if cancelled by sports centre, teams will be notified by 6pm and games will be rearranged where possible but if unable to rearrange will be null and void fixtures for that night

  • If the sports centre gives the go ahead for games to take place the fixtures officers will inspect the courts and inform the Team Managers if games will take place by 6pm. If no, games are cancelled the sanction applies as above, or, if yes, the games will go ahead and teams do not wish to play and cancel games, the usual cancellation rule will apply.

  • If the games are abandoned either during or before the second fixtures due to worsening weather, the abandonment rules will apply, the exception being when abandoned / cancelled by committee members where games will be rearranged during the season where possible, but if unable to rearrange will be null and void fixtures for that night

  • (Please note that it may be difficult to contact teams for second fixtures if above applies so you may not be informed before you arrive at venue)

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Remove: Knockout competition rules and add to 10 Miscellaneous

  • 10.21 A Knockout Cup competition may be held after the conclusion of the Winter League Fixtures and before the Summer League Fixture start depending on available dates between the winter and summer leagues. Entry forms and format will be advertised through usual communication channels, before the end of the Winter League Fixtures.

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Vote on Committee

  • Donna gave a vote of thanks to all the committee members who have coped with a difficult year and decision making. She thanked Carolyn Isom who is stepping down from Treasurer this year and thanked her for her sterling service. She then ran through committee positions and names


  1. Chairperson – Donna Parker - dparkerevans@aol.com

  2. Vice Chairperson – Amy Longhurst - amyclonghurst@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Secretary – Nic Rees - nicrees@hotmail.com

  4. Treasurer – Linda Gaine – linda.gaine@icloud.com

  5. Minute Taker – Sam Harwood - samanthaharwood@hotmail.co.uk

  6. Membership Fixtures Cancellations Officer – Kim Watson – Katsnc@outlook.com

  7. Safeguarding Officer – Di Gerard - digerard69@gmail.com

  8. Officiating Lead – Becky Asbridge –  bexdorey@btinternet.com

  9. Youth League Officer – Kim Watson and Linda Gaine

  10. Communication Officer – Becky Henry - Becky.henry10@yahoo.com

  11. General Committee member – Lorraine Adams - theadamsboys@tiscali.co.uk

  • A vote was taken and passed unanimously

  • Any Other Business – A question was asked about the umpire refresher and if course would be available Linda Gaine explained that this was a countywide initiative and once the courses have been developed, they would be organised. Finborough asked if their refresher courses held in Suffolk that they attended would be recognised and confirmed they would

Our Honorary Life President is Gillian Rumney - gillianrumney1@gmail.com